Demand Disruption

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A different approach to
corporate strategy.

Don’t predict the future.

Create it.

A better process for
business transformation

New experiences.
New business models.

Drive them.

Parallel paths
to the next level

Strengthen today.

Define your

Generate new growth strategies. Create new businesses. Embed behavior that drives innovation into your culture. Generate new products and services. Transform your business in the digital age. Technology has outpaced our ability to adopt it. The past is no longer a proxy for the future. At Salt Flats, we embrace an extraordinary new method for business growth and transformation.

Our ecosystem and methodology for developing and executing corporate strategy drives business transformation on two parallel paths—repositioning today while creating the future.

Business Transformation

Traditionally, companies set strategic plans by looking to the past to predict the future. Salt Flats works with corporations to turn that view point around and deploy a new method of strategy that we call Strategy Discovery. By embracing this new method, companies go from analysis and hierarchical development to a faster, more accurate business model and products discovery approach.

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Create Growth Strategies

We help design a portfolio of opportunities to build revenue, strategy, new businesses and culture momentum through an integrated suite of business tools of transformation and processes built from the ground up to capture value from the new world economy.

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This is Salt Flats

At Salt Flats we’ve created an ecosystem rich with tools and expertise to strengthen your business today and create the businesses of the future. The space you are viewing is a 45,000 SF living lab. Here you can advance your business, create more things, work smarter, and think differently in a unique collaborative environment.