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Evolving Parking

We built and deployed an advanced sensing technology connected to a legacy parking system to determine the positive impacts on logistics and flow of parking.

Smarter Cities

We led a Collective Intelligence workshop of 50 industry leaders from 13 companies to capture and build an integrated innovation platform identifying over 200 challenges for Smart Buildings, Resource Management, and Public Services.

Demonstrating Blockchain

We collaborated with blockchain subject-matter experts to conceive a board game that helped explain how alternative energy could be traded.

Manufacturing Transformed

Fast Radius revolutionized manufacturing and supply chain processes by leveraging 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies and refining to a simple and scalable process available to the masses.

Improving Spatial Science

Using our Innovation House as a living lab we are progressing physical building science and learning by combining mesh sensing technology and new floor covering.

Variable Light Transmission Window

We used design thinking, rapid prototyping, material science and startup formation to build an industry changing window system.

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