We believe that leaders in this new world economy have access to the greatest opportunities ever seen in industry. We equip the courageous and bold with the tools to prosper in these great times. We combine the collective intelligence of a horizontal ecosystem with proven lean startup methods to help our committed clients solve the complex problems of today’s digitally disruptive world, smarter and faster.

Our core values

Inspired by the Agile Manifesto, our four core values are the guiding principles for what we do and how we do it. As we continue to uncover better ways of developing innovation, our values express a consistent emphasis in our thinking and approach. In this digitally disruptive world, we have come to value:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Strategic discovery over comprehensive research and planning
  • Customer collaborations over contract negotiations
  • Responding to change over following a static plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more

Our Difference

Our difference can be summed up in two words: accountable execution. Going far beyond reports, idea, strategies and connections we build, invest, integrate and stay in until the new products and businesses we help generate become your success story. Our approach and methodologies do not extend from traditional analytics and consulting approaches. Ours are built from the ground up, born in Silicon Valley lean startup, venture growth and corporate development practices, we’ve lived this for decades. This is our DNA and we make it yours. Our delivery team has worked on half a billion-dollar transformations and has disrupted industries. This focus, deep expertise and judgment is now yours.


The process for predicting the future based on the past no longer works in our Digital Age. With quantum-leap technology, startup audacity and the Internet of Things, disruption is here. Digital transformation has opened new technologies, companies and networks to the market. This paradigm shift requires businesses to constantly explore and find new products, customer experiences and business models or get left behind. Our services and programs help curious leaders explore.


The pace of technology has outpaced industry’s ability to adopt it. It is a strategic advantage to move and learn quickly. Low cost experiments with high learning outcomes is the new formula for success. Our tools, startups, universities and engineering team assist in identifying solutions to problems that your customers have identified as worth solving. With our clients and ecosystem we learn and validate through experimentation.


Financial growth is realized when a validated solution scales into high growth potential markets. We invest, create new ventures, build enterprise products to rapidly realize the returns. With capital and commitment, we execute.


In the simplest terms, what does Salt Flats do? Four words. Corporate strategy, business transformation. We strengthen a company’s core business by helping to identify and launch new products and simultaneously, we build new business and revenue growth engines to capture the future.

What is the difference between Salt Flats and other major consultancies? Strategic discovery and accountable execution tied to the success of our clients over research and planning. Ecosystem driven over ‘teams of experts’.

What do you mean by “ecosystem?” At Salt Flats, the ecosystem is a curated group of cross-industry, cross-functional companies, startups, universities and individuals, carefully selected to challenge and inspire each other in new ways.

What types of businesses is Salt Flats best suited to serve? Each Innovation House serves a primary ecosystem while additionally serving other companies. The Chicago Innovation House primarily services companies in the built environment: construction, engineering, materials, finance, insurance, architecture, retail, hospitality, cities, infrastructure, development & operations and others.

A company ready for transformation has these shared qualities: a belief that today’s business world is in the midst of a major disruption, a willingness to be courageous, an openness to be creative, the commitment to drive to push limits and the capital to invest in their future.

I’ve heard the dual transformation concept described as “Transformation A” and “Transformation B.” How would you explain this? Dual transformation has been described this way, and we agree. “A” is optimize existing products for existing customers while simultaneously leveraging those products and assets into adjacent markets; “B” is developing an entirely new growth engine, breakthrough inventions for market that don’t exist yet, and whole new businesses.

What would be an example of a company I’ve heard of that has successfully executed this definition of business transformation? We cite Netflix as an excellent example of the kind of business transformation we help our clients achieve. “Transformation A” would be the company’s shift from analog by mail to digital online delivery of video content. “Transformation B” is the company’s move to produce award-winning original content, a wildly successful strategy that leveraged their core asset in customer centric data and completely transformed Netflix and its future, putting the brand into a new market with new customers and new competition.

What is the Innovation House? Innovation House is a key ingredient in a successful transformation. The work we do with our clients needs to be done outside their four walls and in a safe environment to experiment, learn and execute. Our curated ecosystem is where our clients come to work, house strategic teams, do workshops, host events and integrate with outside thinkers.

Isn’t the Innovation House a co-working space? No. As a primary tool used in our transformations, the Innovation House is a very unique asset leveraged by our clients who choose to house development, startups and strategic teams under one roof with a common focus.

About the Salt Flats name

There are nine major salt flats in the world.

These rare environments are marked by vast and extremely flat, salt and mineral based terrain formed over thousands of years.

Bonneville, in the United States (Utah), is said to be so flat you can see the curvature of the earth, and is perhaps the most well known of them all.

It is where those who pursue that which has not yet been attained meet each year, to set land speed records.

Fueled by determination to go beyond existing limitations, these are the individuals that challenge the status quo and define expectations of the future.

We are Salt Flats, a rarefied environment where those driven to go beyond the status quo gather to prove what is possible; to go beyond what is known and establish expectations of the future.

Where those who think beyond the conventional, move at speeds beyond the conventional.

Outpace the speed of innovation at your organization. Salt Flats, where challengers go to discover what is beyond innovation.

When you come to Salt Flats, you will learn to explore, experiment and execute in new ways. You will create the future.