Salt Flats is a revolution in corporate strategy.

It’s where discovering and execution are indistinguishable.

Visionary companies will deliberately re-imagine themselves leveraging diverse, broad and curated ecosystems of many minds with many perspectives.

We are an ever-growing ecosystem of specialists, entrepreneurs, operators, startups, engineers, designers and innovators. 

The Speed of Now



Within the next decade, the speed of digital disruption will rapidly accelerate as the Internet of Things connects every human and thing into a single hyper-connected network. Competitive advantage will belong to companies who can explore, experiment and execute simultaneously. Markets will be owned by companies who envision a future that is very different from the past.

What will your business look like when your product is digitally disrupted and fully networked? Are you prepared to leverage new technologies, new markets, new business models or new sales strategies into game-changing innovations that will transform your industry? 

At Salt Flats, our purpose is to make businesses smarter and faster, and to help turn new ideas into huge innovations. Our members are the forward-thinking leaders who understand that the best way to prepare for the future is to create the future.



A New Ecosystem

"Don't try to protect the past" - Ginni Rometty, CEO IBM.

Here are the pillars of Salt Flats that will guide you to build the unimagined. 

Leverage collective intelligence

No one person is smarter than everyone. Enter the world of collective intelligence. Salt Flats brings together the most talented and brilliant minds for your business, your employees. We then mix that with complimentary diverse thinkers and those with interdisciplinary backgrounds. The output is identified opportunities, which are ready to be solved..

Take ideas to market


The new corporate strategy is based on lean startup methods and customized for the corporate environment. 

By combining the ideas and opportunities with the research, lean prototying and business model canvas the Salt Flats system can go from idea to test in weeks. 

We then can also improve your organization from the inside. With our leadership immersion program, your employees learn the practices of design thinking and prototyping by experiencing them — the best way possible. This leadership program is based on research by our innovation sherpa Rod Collins, author of the best-selling Wiki Management: A Revolutionary New Model for a Rapidly Changing and Collaborative World.

Turn revelations into reality

To advance your idea quickly, build a prototype fast. We acquired ST Labs for their years of experience in production and have assembled a team of design and engineering experts in electrical, mechanical, aerospace and chemical disciplines. Demonstration prototypes show you new processes, new use cases, and how to use the lowest amount of technology to reach a decision. We can also produce functional prototypes so you can pilot new offerings and start moving to market. We’ll provide access to cities, buildings and industrial test sites for demonstrating new concepts. Your prototypes will be market tested and scaled for production as quickly as possible, which is to say, faster than the speed of change. 

Seek inspiration in a new space

One common roof, with one common process. This is how your teams will learn and build like the startups do. The innovation house is the membership only space for corporate teams to think, act and build in the new disruptive world.


Lean Startup Prototyping

We are experts at massive, parallel prototyping.  Our team consists of design and engineering professionals in electrical, mechanical, aerospace, and chemical disciplines.  We partner with large Fortune 500 companies and startups to understand strategic visions, determine product needs and quickly create prototypes that can be market tested and scaled for production

laser cutter.gif

Pre-work & Post-work

  • Computer aided design (2D and 3D)
  • Design analysis
  • Testing
  • Business Model Canvas

3d printer.gif

Materials & Physical Build

  • 3D printing
  • Metal fabrication
  • CNC machining
  • Wood working
  • Vacuum thermoforming


  • Internet of things, circuits, boards, networking
  • Machine learning
  • Data science
  • Computer vision

Meet Our Awesome Team

We come from diverse backgrounds, experienced in disruption and have the expertice to help build your company.


David Borlo

David Borlo has been an entrepreneur, startup advisor and investor for over 25 years in domestic and international markets. He believes that the path to working faster and smarter to solve the complex problems of our digitally disruptive world requires collective intelligence, lean startup methodologies and a new venture model. Throughout his career, David has been at the forefront of disruptive technology. As a founder of the digital signage revolution, he accomplished dozens of hospitality industry firsts including the first fully digital menu-board created for McDonald’s eventually disrupting the point of purchase industry. Years later David led business development and strategy for the startup team of DVDPlay which was the technology that became Redbox and aided in the disruption of the retail movie rental industry.


Rod Collins

Rod Collins has more than 30 years of experience in management positions in the healthcare industry.  He is an innovative executive with sustained success in achieving financial, operational, and market growth objectives in challenging environments. His passion is to work with forward-thinking business leaders who understand that managing great change means changing how we manage. He has extensive experience in serving as a catalyst for positive change and in building highly collaborative organizations.  He encourages corporate leaders to seek, test, and deploy emerging technologies within weeks, rather than months or years. Rod connects business leaders to the powerful tools of lean innovation and design thinking: rapid prototyping, "mixing and matching" traditional models with new ideas, and taking "purposeful risk" to deliver rapid results.  He also writes about the new world and rules of business management for Huffington Post.


Jens Horstmann

Jens Horstmann has over 30 years of executive, technology and engineering experience in Silicon Valley and global high-tech industries. Jens has challenged the investment status quo, through first-hand involvement advising, engaging, and creating technology-driven ventures in the US and internationally. He has empowered numerous startup teams to generate fun, profitable and impactful companies for decades. Mr. Horstmann founded one of the first B2B online commerce companies and headed a mobile technology and location-based services pioneer. Other prior experience includes senior engineering, research and development positions.  Jens also has taught and lectured at UC Berkeley, holds 12 patents, and speaks frequently at events about lean innovation, venture capital and leadership. 


Michael Fazio

Michael Fazio has 30 years of professional experience in corporate interior design, business development and project management.  Helping clients and designers create innovative applications, furniture and space for the ways people work today and envisioning how that will look tomorrow, he specializes in connecting business objectives with space to increase worker productivity, worker satisfaction, brand identity and overall business effectiveness. Michael is a dedicated, creative, and very knowledgeable leader and is particularly good at facilitating groups and leading strategy, architecture and design for innovation efforts. His collaborative and easy to work with personality aids in bringing diverse perspectives into common focus.


Adithya Menon

Adithya Menon is an emerging leader in providing design, prototyping and testing services for corporate clients and start-ups. He has become an innovator and futurist with attention to detail, applying his master’s degree in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and contributing to the advancements of technology while bringing the future closer to reality. Adithya is always on the lookout for great opportunities that have the potential to make a positive impact in the world--and in people's lives.


Mario M. Suarez Ortiz

Mario M. Suarez Ortiz is a rising corporate leader with an engineering background who has worked on marketing efforts, expanding portfolios, growing brand image, developing customer relationships, and managing project milestones.  He has worked with design teams on highly confidential projects and moved projections quickly to completion. As an engineer, Mario collected and analyzed customer data, conducted testing with repeatable results, and translated them into product development.


Tom Ryan

Tom Ryan has demonstrated history of providing substantial value to clients in the management and strategic consulting industry. He has worked with client IT, PMO and executive leadership teams determining improvement opportunities through organizational redesigns, governance restructuring and strategy roadmap initiatives. Some of Tom’s projects include contract and state policy reviews, operational process assessments, and technology and system enhancements initiatives.


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Salt Flats is a resource for businesses to work smarter and faster in solving the complex problems of a digitally disruptive world. We believe that innovation is the emergent process of creating something that doesn’t exist today by connecting things that have never been connected before and is only possible if you are open to envisioning a future that might be very different from today. We believe in adopting and embracing new ways of thinking and working.

Salt Flats provides companies with immediate access to a powerful process, prototyping system and ecosystem for envisioning and creating future growth, in the built environment. We draw on the unlimited potential of our exclusive ecosystem, collective intelligence system and lean startup prototyping method to deliver new markets, revenue and margin to our corporate members. 

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