Interiors for Business to Pioneer Space Inside Salt Flats Chicago

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Summer 2018 –Interiors for Business, Inc. (IFB) founded in Batavia, IL. in 1996, announced recently they’ve expanded their presence by joining Chicago’s exclusive Salt Flats Innovation House in the up and coming West Loop.

IFB, a Steelcase™ furniture dealership, will open their second location featuring progressive solutions targeting current market trends while focusing on the evolving workplace. IFB’s partnership with Salt Flats will focus on the future of distribution of world class applications in the commercial built environment.

Salt Flats is a business transformation and corporate strategy firm located in Chicago’s West Loop. Inside the Salt Flats Innovation House is a curated ecosystem that transform teams, creates rapid prototypes and builds new business models. Business and culture transformation are the results of Salt Flats’ services.

IFB looks forward to utilizing this newly minted collaboration hub focusing on solving complex problems of our digitally disruptive world, smarter and faster. Co-founders, Pat Gosselin and Pete Molenhouse were motivated to expand their footprint within an environment that reflects their belief that the spaces in which we work, learn and heal should enhance the human experience. Salt Flats is a space that seeks to inspire user-behavior and create 21st century ideation which aligns with our philosophy at IFB,” says Pat Gosselin.

IFB is an entrepreneurial organization made up of pathfinders, creative thinkers and specialists who implement a holistic model of products and services to create exceptional experiences in the built environment. IFB is bringing life to work™.

Learn more about Interiors for Business and their new home at Salt Flats here.

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