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One of our strategic members, Keyo, is changing the game with their hand-sensing technology. Keyo replaces your keys, cards, tickets, ids and fobs with a simple and contactless scan of your palm. Keyo is creating a global network, once you sign up you are all set to us your palm to pay, unlock doors and redeem tickets throughout the Keyo network.


At the Salt Flats Innovation House, we installed a Keyo terminal outside of the Department X workshop, an area of the House where engineers run experiments and test prototypes. For both purposes of safety and confidentiality, this area is restricted to certain engineers and the Keyo terminal provides a trusted layer of security. This access point scans more than 15 million data points in your palm — no two people can register and read the same by this machine! The efficacy and accuracy is more trusted solution over the more faulty and easily spoofed facial recognition technologies. 

As a machinist, I enjoy Keyo’s ability to replace the need for key cards or physical keys that can be lost or shared. I envision a time where we can access secure locations, our offices, our homes and even purchase items by the quick scan of your palm.

- Adithya Menon
Department X, Salt Flats

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