Member Spotlight: New World Natural Brands

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In this Member Spotlight, we’d like to introduce you to New World Natural Brands, a Dedicated Office Member at Salt Flats Innovation House. New World Natural Brands is a natural beauty and personal care products holding company that invests in leading microbrands in the space. Their team has expertise in business development, acquisitions, brand management, finance and supply chain. They help their portfolio companies to scale via access to growth capital and implementing and embracing best practices.

Q&A with Kim Ryan, VP Brand and Product Strategy:

Tell us about New World Natural Brands: 

New World Natural Brands is committed to helping natural beauty and personal care brands achieve their growth potential and reach more consumers every day. We acquire entrepreneur owned and lead companies and provide the resources, strategic guidance, capital and connections to help them grow, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. We are focused on natural products because we truly believe in the superiority of the ingredients and the benefits of products that are sustainable, cruelty-free and chemical-free.

Any recent success stories you can share?

New World Natural Brands just turned 120 days old and we have already closed on two amazing companies in the natural skin care space. These deals take a lot of work to close and we could not be more thrilled with our new brands and expanding team.

One of our brands, Baebody, just had a record-breaking Amazon Prime Day which attracted the attention of a handful of publications including Cosmopolitan, Elite Daily, Glamour and more. This was an exciting win for the team. 

What kind of connections within the Salt Flats ecosystem would be beneficial to your company?

Our strategic plan is to acquire a few brands every year, so we are constantly on the lookout for beauty and personal care brands with a strong story to tell and engaged leaders. As we continue to scale, we are looking to provide a shared service platform for our portfolio companies and if anyone has connections in either of these areas, we would love to discuss. 

How is New World Natural Brands connected to the built environment? 

We are rethinking how beauty and personal care companies gain access to different sales channels. We believe there are accelerated growth opportunities by connecting brands that specialize in different channels. Although we do not specifically work on a product or service in the built environment, our products live in these spaces. We are constantly thinking about how natural beauty and personal care products are being created, marketed, displayed, shopped, sold and used in their environments. The goal is to create an entire experience around our natural products that make people feel good, which in turn fuels growth for our portfolio companies. 

What benefit does New World Natural Brands bring to the Salt Flats ecosystem?

We understand how consumers are thinking about purchasing products, how to position them accordingly, and how to expand into the right sales channels. We live in the spaces that many of the Salt Flats companies are thinking about every day. 

We also hold deep knowledge around the acquisition process, as we are constantly working on our acquisition pipeline. We’ve created many best practices and see this expertise as a benefit we could share with other Salt Flats companies that are looking to acquire brands or are looking to be acquired themselves one day.

Lastly, we experience a lot of the same growth pain points that other startups face. We anticipate being able to help other Salt Flats companies by sharing our experiences and vice versa. 

What’s on the horizon for New World Natural Brands?

A lot! We are kicking off the integration of our second acquisition and will hopefully be closing on a third acquisition before the end of the year. We will continue to expand our team and focus on creating a culture of entrepreneurs. 

What do you look forward to the most this year? 

I’m most excited to have our portfolio companies really start working together and sharing learnings about the industry and what’s worked for their brands… that’s where I see the magic happening! These entrepreneurs have figured a lot out on their own already; I’m eager to see how they can leverage each other’s knowledge. 

Anything else readers and Salt Flats Innovation House Members should know about New World Natural Brands?

Come meet us! We are in the northeast corner of the second floor in a dedicated office. We would love to meet you and learn about what exciting opportunities and challenges you’re working on. We’d love to chat, grab a coffee or a drink!

To learn more about New World Natural Brands, visit: https://​new​world​nat​u​ral​brands​.com

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