The Great Promise of Digital Transformation

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by Rod Collins, Innovation Sherpa at Salt Flats

CEOs and leaders ready to take on the challenges of business transformation understand that the past is not a proxy for the future in our digital age. Courageous innovators will take the first step in driving change and growth in their organization by understanding the Great Promise of Digital Transformation and its impact in their company. 

In this white paper, learn how in the next decade we will experience two of the most consequential events in human history: the connection of all humans and things via a common digital network and the proliferation of human collective intelligence via artificial intelligence systems. The digital revolution is a watershed moment in human history because its technological innovations have made it possible for the peer-to-peer network to be what it never could before: a practical form of social organization. The continued rapid emergence of the peer-to-peer network as the dominant form of social organization will ignite an extraordinary leap in human intelligence that will radically change all the rules for how the world works and transform humanity and our corporations for the better. 

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