Top 5 Reasons Why Salt Flats Innovation House is NOT a Co-working Space

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As a primary tool used in transformations, the first-of-its-kind Salt Flats Innovation House is a very unique asset and living lab leveraged by Salt Flats Clients who choose to house development, startups and strategic teams under one roof with a common focus. The Innovation House is a highly curated ecosystem and the Chicago Innovation House is specifically focused on those who serve or benefit from the built environment. 

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Salt Flats is NOT a Co-Working Space:

  1. CLOSED MEMBERSHIP — Salt Flats is a curated ecosystem of corporations and leaders with a desire to transform and thrive in the digital age. All Members of Salt Flats have applied and were vetted before being welcomed into the Innovation House.
  2. INDUSTRY SPECIFIC — Salt Flats opened the first-of-its-kind Innovation House in Chicago’s West Loop, with this House primarily focused on work in traditional industrial industries, with construction, engineering, materials, finance, insurance, architecture, and development & operations, heavily represented. The Innovation House is rooted in providing a platform for like-minded companies to collaborate, create and grow, even though they represent different sectors. 
  3. FROM COMMUNITY TO CURIOSITY — Our curated community and vetting process assures a limited degree of separation between everyone in our Innovation House from seasoned startups to established corporations. It’s no surprise that our Members often find new opportunities under the same roof whether it be strategic business development of living lab. These connections are not only fostered by Salt Flats but within the larger community among themselves. 
  4. TRANSFORMATIVE PROGRAMMING — Salt Flats’ Members Events are developed to bring value and outcome to the attendees. Events and happenings at Salt Flats range from presentations, workshops, brown bag sessions, social events and demonstrations.
  5. ELEVATED HOSPITALITY AND FUTURE OF WORK — Within the Innovation House, we pride ourselves on the personalization and attention paid to each Member on a journey to transform their business. With the gourmet catering offerings from Brix Catering, the in-conference room ordering system, a propriety Salt Flats app, exclusive Metric Coffee Salt Flats blend coffee and Community Concierge, Salt Flats offers an elevated day-to-day experience, allowing those inside the House to concentrate on the work at hand.

If you are a startup or entrepreneur looking for an ecosystem to bring your business, please find Membership information available here: www​.join​salt​flats​.co

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