Collective Intelligence System

Collective Intelligence Workshop

Digital Transformation Meets Collective Intelligence

Digital transformation has given rise to what can best be described as the network effect: the fundamental architectural shift in the way the world works from hierarchies to networks. To discover new ideas and breakthrough strategies, companies who use the collective intelligence of their employees win.

The Collective Intelligence Workshop is designed to rapidly integrate the diversity of experience with the power of imagination to produce the powerful business insights necessary for discovering the innovative solutions that will shape the future growth of your organization in a rapidly changing world.

Five Disciplines and Key Lessons Driven by Collective Intelligence

Sense making: The purpose of a business is to create customer value. Collective Intelligence drives the understanding of what is most important to customers.

Connecting: Aggregate and leverage Collective Intelligence because no one person is smarter or faster than everybody.

Collaborating: Build shared understanding by bringing everyone together in open conversations because there are few things more powerful than getting the whole system in the same space. 

Adapting: Focus on the critical few performance drivers. 

Delivering: Hold people accountable to their peers. No one should have the authority to kill a good idea or keep a bad idea alive.

Collective Intelligence Workshop Overview

The workshop provides an inter-discipline integration, with independent thinking and inspiration, opening up the group thinking.

A one-day workshop typically generates 100+ high quality and vetted ideas.

Success is driven by four key components

  1. Diverse opinions
  2. Independent thinking
  3. Local knowledge (Subject Matter Experts — aka your employees)
  4. Aggregation mechanism (process and voting)

The day combines interactive group exercises, small group discussions, and a voting exercise to unlock new opportunities by tapping into the collective intelligence of the group.

Diversity Drives Uniqueness, Quality and Volume of Ideas

Using the ecosystem to increase quality idea generation is accomplished by bringing together a diverse group of independent thinkers. 

Workshop participants are selected to drive diversity across four key areas.

  1. Communication experts
    1. Agencies
    2. Creative directors
    3. Marketing
  2. Customer insights
    1. Brand
    2. Research
    3. Sales
  3. Strategic leaders
    1. Executives
    2. Entrepreneurs
    3. Investors
  4. Feasibility specialists
    1. Research and Development
    2. Engineering
    3. Legal
    4. Finance
    5. Human Resources