Horizontal Ecosystem

Horizontal Ecosystem: Beyond Partnerships

Why Horizontal?

Defining a market horizontally allows you to redraw your industry and product delivery borders. Exploring and experimenting beyond the known and defined industry lines is important in the new digital era. Members of the Salt Flats Ecosystem learn through hands on experiences with other world-class like-minded professionals from research, innovation, academia, industry, startups, venture and entrepreneurs. We start by taking a hard look at the end-to-end customer experience, so we can quickly identify challenges and solutions.

Built Environment

The Built Environment refers to the built surroundings where people live and work. It encompasses many industries such as architecture, engineering, construction, finance, building products, infrastructure, security, utilities, logistics, real estate and facilities management but it looks beyond the traditional silos to include insurance, usage and operations and even certification. In addition to the industry providers, we include technology companies that are inventing the future of technology.

At Salt Flats, we see the world in a new way. When you explore and experiment across traditional boundaries it becomes easier to deliver new products, services and experiences that would be costly or impossible to deliver on your own. It also becomes easier to identify and solve the complex challenges of our digitally disruptive world. 

Companies that use horizontal ecosystems will move faster and be smarter. Expect to benefit from unexpected connections, new learning systems and platform generation.

Ecosystems to Compete Against the Market Forces

Digital transformation is really about providing new and better customer experiences and ecosystems driving transformation. This is important because there are three unprecedented market forces that combined make it very difficult to navigate and succeed in this digitally disruptive world.

  1. Accelerating Change: The technology and social world is changing faster than most organizations can plan and react.
  2. Escalating Complexity: The fundamental nature of business problems has shifted from issues of complication to issues of complexity.
  3. Ubiquitous Connectivity: The focus of power has shifted from being in charge to being connected.

Membership Application to the Ecosystem

Joining the ecosystem if done via memberships. Membership can be as simple as joining the community to participate in the events and private lounges, or as broad as taking thousands of your employees through our workshops, new product programs and leadership experience programs. 

There’s nothing more impactful than an unexpected and relevant connection when networking. Our highly curated community and vetting process assures a high degree of professional relevance between everyone. It’s no surprise that our members often find new opportunities under the same roof. 

Three Membership Types

Community, Startup and Corporate

For startups and individuals that fit these descriptions, you are in the right place.

  1. Believe that digital transformation is driving disruption across all industries
  2. Have a deep passion for curiosity, collaboration, experimentation and an innate desire to build the future
  3. Are building the future using transformative technology such as blockchain, internet of things, AR/VR, machine learning, big data, drone, robotics or additive manufacturing.

For corporations that believe that in order to become more productive, entrepreneurial and innovative in this digitally disruptive world, your employees need to learn the new tools for strategy and innovation and develop the future within a horizontal ecosystem…welcome!

Membership Options

  • Community – best for individuals
  • Startup – best for startups seeking product support, business development and dedicated workspace 
  • Corporate – best for culture transformation, strategy development, market sense making, new product development, IP spin-outs, idea generation and innovation portfolio development

Learn more about becoming a member.