Innovation Leadership Experience

Innovation Leadership Experience

Innovation Leadership Experience is a unique behavioral approach to equipping leaders with the skills, tools, and competencies they need to lead highly resilient organizations in these digitally disruptive times.” 

-Rod Collins

Best-selling author of Wiki Management and Developer of the Salt Flats Innovation Leadership Experience

The most important leadership challenge of twenty-first century is stepping up your organization’s capacity to rapidly respond to accelerating change. Meeting this challenge requires leaders who have the skills to quickly transform existing business models while creating new, and sometimes radically different, models to keep pace with fast-changing markets. The days where leaders took charge,” crafted a plan, and extracted compliance are fading fast as a new breed of leaders are redefining the critical skills to steer successful organizations in world of relentless change. Today’s best leaders are sense-makers who are capable of responding to fast-changing developments because they have the ability to rapidly aggregate and leverage the collective intelligence distributed across their organizations. What separates this new breed from traditional leaders is their competency at building and leading highly resilient peer-to-peer networks that are flexible, agile and innovative in their mission to continually delight their customers.

5 disciplines of a revolutionary Innovation Leadership Experience

  1. Learn to navigate rapid change and accelerate collaboration
  2. Learn how to take 150+ ideas to 45 meaningful, growth opportunities in one day
  3. Become familiar with advanced startup tools to rapidly gauge customer interest 
  4. Learn how to determine the best market opportunities before committing major resources
  5. Learn new ways to construct metrics that enable continual success

Program Details

The Innovation Leadership Experience is an intensive transformational program that enables leaders to create organizations that can change as fast as the world around them. Three modules across four months deepen the experience and learning of the participants. Each module lasts two-and-a-half days and is focused on a key innovation leadership theme.

Who Should Participate?

Participants are senior corporate and technical executives, including: 

  1. EVPS, VPs of Marketing
  2. New Product Development
  3. Research & Development 
  4. HR, CIOs, CFOs, Chief Technologists
  5. Corporate Strategists and Planners

Program Creator and Leader

Rod Collins is an author, keynote speaker and Innovation Sherpa at Salt Flats. For more than 15 years, Rod has been a leading expert on business and management innovation, and leading pioneer of the Wiki Management practices. 

Module One 


  1. A series of interactive and field exercises
  2. Getting acquainted with the principles of innovation
  3. Fundamentals of Design Thinking
  4. Five disciplines of the Wiki Management leadership model

Module Two 


  1. Discover and define a customer need
  2. Working in teams to build a prototype
  3. Learn to demonstrate the prototypes for customer feedback
  4. Lean startup and design thinking

Module Three 


  1. Introduction to the powerful Business Model Canvas tool
  2. Orientation on the convergence of IoT, Blockchain and A.I.
  3. Learn about the Second Wave of the Digital Revolution
  4. Prepare leaders to thrive in an a rapidly changing world

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