Living Lab

Living Lab for the Built Environment

The Salt Flats Living Lab is about experimentation and co-creation with real users in real life environments, where members alongside engineers, startups researchers, corporations and public institutions can test individually or together for new solutions, new products, new services or new business models. 

The Salt Flats Living Lab is also about ecosystem involvement, promoting innovation, involving academia, subject matter experts, public institutions and large companies in an open innovation process that happens in a real environment and can register immediate impact. 

It’s Bigger Than Your Garage

Our 45,000 SF building in Chicago helps accelerate the build-deploy-learn” method. It is usually simple to get a complicated product to work in a test lab (your garage), but the real test is when it is deployed into a live scenario. Our members are startups and companies that work in an industrial market and quick, open access to industrial systems is imperative for real world feedback.

Our testbeds are where the innovation and opportunities of the Built Environment – new technologies, new applications, new products, new services, new processes – can be initiated, thought through and rigorously tested to ascertain their usefulness and viability before coming to market.