Pilot Sprints

Pilot Sprints to Fearlessly Experiment

It’s impossible to know what is going to happen in the future so planning won’t work. Running dozens of simultaneous product experiment sprints creating an innovation portfolio is a great way to learn and create at the same time. The Salt Flats startup team called Department X is skilled in taking the ideas from the Collective Intelligence workshop and putting them out in market through a proprietary pilot process custom built using lean startup methods and fueled by an ecosystem of startups, academia, entrepreneurs, engineers and designers. 

Lean Startup Methodology Converted for Corporate Strategy

The Salt Flats Pilot Sprint framework enables us to take the opportunity from idea to market in weeks.

  • Idea hypothesis to frame the customer observations and problems
  • Use case to set the validation process in motion
  • Customer Development interviews to validate problem
  • Flash Builds (lean prototyping) to demonstrate scenarios on path to validating the solution
  • Pilot in a living lab to create high fidelity prototypes on path to product
  • Business Model Canvas to define product – market fit

This process creates focus while removing risks commonly found in product development. The end result of the Pilot Sprint is an Innovation Plan that provides guidance on the possible paths forward. Next step options include product development, investment, acquisition, pivot / repeat or abandon.