Business Transformation

Companies that have thrived for decades find themselves challenged to simultaneously execute on existing plans while creating a new strategy in which they feel confident. Transforming a business to rapidly grow in the Digital Age happens when courageous leaders commit first to the transformation of their employees and then to the transformation of their innovation and strategy systems. We help leadership teams conceive, design and scale new products, services, and ventures creating new shareholder value and long-term resilience.

To unlock your employees’ potential and drive the growth you seek, it is important to install new capabilities and a new mindset into your culture and business systems. With the ability to discover ideas, customer-centric products, and new business models, your company can seed and then flourish under a new future creation mindset, like that of a startup entrepreneur. We are in a time of rapid, transformational change. A time in which companies, even successful ones, that try to predict the future based on the past eventually find themselves mired in the past. Our transformation team works with top leadership to help improve innovation disciple.

Salts Flats helps leaders drive this business transformation along two parallel paths. Path (A) called Strengthen Today is about improving and expanding your existing business into new powerful high growth markets, and Path (B) which we call, Create The Future is about discovering and developing high-potential opportunities and capitalizing on them.

Strengthen today

Salt Flats works with your leadership team to build new ways of improving and expanding your current business. Drawing on your existing assets and capabilities we will help create new products and services in both core and adjacent markets.

Our approach to innovation integrates a multinational startup ecosystem, lean startup principles, decades of experience and practical execution. Our delivery model includes a broad team of support including customer development research, collective intelligence workshops, full scale product development and prototyping and venture capital. In this stage you will generate ideas, identify and validate solutions, develop new ventures and products to optimize what you do for current customers and leverage your strengths in new, adjacent markets.

Create the future

Turning new opportunities into a dominant financial and strategic growth engine is the output of this stage. As you strengthen your business today, we will help you create your company 2.0—a new vision, a new operating model, whole new businesses, breakthrough inventions for markets that may not even exist yet—transcending traditional strategic planning to drive true business transformation for long-term success.