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Salt Flats is an enabler for businesses to work smarter and faster in solving the complex problems of a digitally disruptive world. Salt Flats is an innovation solution that provides companies with immediate access to a powerful ecosystem for envisioning and creating future growth. We believe in the power of networks, the dynamism of collective intelligence, and the speed of lean startup methodologies. We understand that the expansion of connections beyond traditional industry verticals in newly defi ned ways is where breakthrough innovation happens.

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Never before in the history of industry have so many transformative technology platforms all come about at the same time. These are some of the technology platforms that will change everything. 


Everything and every human will be digitized in the next ten years.

The Internet of Things will become a ubiquitous platform for innovation.

New business models, products, and operating models will disrupt everything.



Most are familiar with blockchain as the technology platform for Bitcoin.

Blockchain’s SECURE distributed ledger model may be the most important

technology since the Internet itself.


3D PRINTING (Additive Manufacturing)

Material science has advanced to the point where machines can now harness light and oxygen to "grow" industrial parts.

Engineers have completed prototypes on a 3D-printing spider robot that could be used to build entire car bodies and airplane fuselages enabling the fabrication of objects in places that we simply could not have built within before.



Advanced "Holodec" like technology is enabling engineering teams from across the globe to virtually enter a design lab and collaborate to  build products.


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Our approach is a simple way for corporate leaders to quickly identify the right challenges to tackle and a rapidly validate the business value. 

To drive results we use a platform approach to innovation using a new approach to people, process, prototyping and place.

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