Tools of Transformation

Salt Flats offers a full array of non-traditional capabilities, processes and services to guide companies on the dual paths of business transformation—accelerating improvement today while you create tomorrow.


Horizontal Ecosystem

When traditional businesses adopt ecosystem thinking they can evolve partner networks into powerful systems that increase the scope and value of products and services, grow customer audiences, build stronger competitive strengths, and deliver continuous innovation.

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Development Studio

Bring together your community to think, learn, explore and build. The Development Studio is a creative space for teams to collaborate and envision the future in a new way. The Development Studio is ideal for Collective Intelligence, Design Thinking, and TED talk style presentations as well as social and corporate events.

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Collective Intelligence System

The capacity to access the collective intelligence of an ecosystem is the defining transformative phenomenon of the Digital Age. This workshop is a unique and facilitated meeting process that provides a highly effective vehicle for rapidly creating breakthrough ideas, solving critical issues, or identifying game-changing strategic opportunities.

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Flash Builds

This fast-moving tech startup process gives a team 5-days to construct an idea, build the feature and launch it into a living lab for testing. The Flash Build process favors taking action vs overthinking, fluidity vs. rigid structure, solution vs. conflict and uncomfortableness vs. stability.

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Salt Flats’ startup team, Department X, works with entrepreneurs, startups and corporations as on on-demand, prototyping-as-a-service provider. Quick engineering, industrial design, and software development. We provide quick high-quality testing and prototypes to help a vision become a reality.

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Living Lab

Salt Flats disrupts the notion of legacy strategy planning, slow to build product development and hierarchal management in our Living Lab. We give teams autonomy to make fast decisions, access to talent to build prototypes, strategic partners, and seed capital all under one roof and with one process.

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Pilot Sprints

Identify an opportunity hypothesis, validate the problem, validate the solution, discover product-market fit, scale…repeat. The Pilot Sprints are driven by Department X, Salt Flats’ startup team, providing custom designs using lean startup methods, collective intelligence and ecosystem members to go from napkin to product-market fit fast.

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Product Development

Launch it. Once we have prototyped, tested and validated, it’s time to build the full version. Our agile approach follows the lean startup process of minimum viable products. We’ll build and evolve your product with the market.

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Innovation Leadership Experience

Innovation is driven by culture. Transform your employees to be more entrepreneurial, innovative and productive. Innovation is driven by culture. Innovation is driven by culture. Innovation is driven by culture. Innovation is driven by culture. One more thing…. Innovation is driven by culture.

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